Magnetic Reader Head & Tape

Magnetic Reader Head & Tape

KARTHIK Machine Tools offer magnetic tapes with proven design with longer lengths of up to 50MTR with great accuracy & resolution of 1&5 micron. We offer magnetic strips of high precision and reliable and are coming in strong and compact metal case. Featuring use of advanced technology in small dimensions, these are also highly resistant to vibrations and accelerations.

The Magnetic Reader head and Tape forms a contactless high-Speed Measurement system. It is simple to install and highly resistant to oil, dust, dirt & vibrations, making it an ideal system to be used under harshest conditions making it most suitable for applications like Machine tools.

Maintaining IP 67 Protection class this product also provide the accuracy from ±10 & ±20 and more, with resolution 1µm & 5µm Available with customized length & higher accuracy on request, Magnetic Tape & Reader head is a perfect solution for shop floor machine and many automation application needs.

Magnetic Tapes consists of an extruded plastic impregnated with Barium Ferrite glued to a stainless steel tape using a special type of glue. This stainless steel tape provides the rigidity to the magnetic tape. The Magnetic tapes are available in 2mm and 5mm pole pitches. We also have Absolute magnetic tapes and its suitable reader head which supports maximum length of 60 meters.


  • Easy to Install
  • Long Life
  • Reasonable price
  • Low Maintanence
  • Super performance
  • Clear Display
  • Protection IP67
  • highly resistant to oil, dust, dirt & vibrations
  • Wide range of available resolutions
  • Composed of a magnetic strip of 5 mm pole length
  • Strip supported by a stainless steel carrier.
  • For fixing an adhesive tape is remounted.